American Coalition Drone Strike Wounded 20 Civilians


One of the american coaliion drone strike, which the military claims halted the public execution of prisoners by Islamic State, may have in fact wounded more than 20 civilians, according to monitors.

The Ministry of Defence claimed on May 15 that a Hellfire missile fired from an RAF Reaper drone had stopped a public execution from taking place in the town of Abu Kamal in eastern Syria.

The strike reportedly happened a week earlier on May 9.The MoD, which generally gives minimal detail in such reports, released a statement about the decision to strike and the targets engaged.

An MoD spokesman said a Reaper observed two shackled prisoners being taken out of a van in the border town’s main square and a crowd being gathered for what was presumably going to be a public execution.

The spokesman claimed that the large number of civilians present ruled out a direct strike, but…

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