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Unfortunately, there are psychiatric issues involved, and the self-medicating he opted for, alcohol, did not relieve his problems. So, I am left with a question of why, did the subject fail to receive adequate medical attention from both the US Navy, and, Veteran Affairs?
Following the accident, the arrestee was taken to the 25th Precinct (NYPD) for breathalyzer test at the Intoxicated Driver Test Unit [IDTU], administered by the Highway Patrol District-1. Depending on the test, is whether or not narcotic substances would be tested, and most likely with a fatality, it would be tested, by a Drug Recognition Team [DRT] of Highway-1. There is a two hour time limit by law (New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law, Section 1192). The subject may, opt to decline the physical agility test without penalty. Other portions of the test, such as blowing into the breathalyzer, if refused, or if drug test via urine or blood are refused, there are penalties. In this instance, it would not be surprising if the subject was taken directly to a hospital for blood to be drawn. A terrible incident that possibly could have been avoided if the US Navy and the Veteran Affairs, treated him properly, but we all know, that the system, has failed veterans, yet once again, and this time, there were unintended consequences involved where Serious Physical Injury, and Death, were involved.

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