Trump Impeachment Proceedings Over Obstruction Charge Unlikely To Go Far, Analysts Say

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By Fred Lucas ~

While Democrats cry for impeachment, legal experts are dubious that President Donald Trump’s reported conversation with FBI Director James Comey about his former national security adviser would be an easy case of obstruction of justice.

“I don’t personally think any prosecutor would bring that case,” Ron Hosko, a former assistant FBI director for the bureau’s Criminal Investigative Division, told The Daily Signal, referring to the report that Trump suggested Comey, whom he later ousted, back off investigating Michael Flynn.

“Any defense attorney could argue the president was wishing out loud,” Hosko said. “There was no killing a witness, no destruction of evidence.”

President Donald Trump makes a commencement speech Wednesday at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. During the speech, he talked about how the media has treated him. (Photo: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters /Newscom)

The New York Times first reported Tuesday on Comey’s purported memo of a February…

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