Lawyer: Trump Executive Order on Immigration violates First Amendment because honor killings are Islamic


pennine:It’s a vexed matter when someone’s religion or philosophical/political tenets clashes with rules laid down in a nation’s  constitutions and laws.Or in cases which a barbaric law can be covered (or made to fit)by the legality of what is written in the Constitution.

Yet, in matters of so-called “Honour punishment/killings” The humanitarian laws that are laid down in a  nation’s society which states a person is forbidden to  beat up a marriage partner,family member & offspring, nor kill (i.e. murder)them;  nor can one rape/assault  anyone  in the way that some jungle -law, religious faiths or philosophical/political ideologies permits, -should be the paramount priority. In democratic law it perhaps ought be written “Do what you will, as long as it harms no one.”(meaning not only do you avoid killing, assaulting  another, but you don’t thieve from them, nor disrespect them, & so on ) With freedom comes responsibility.  My own…

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