Australian Media – Fairfax Media Wakes Up: Yes, ABC Is Stealing Its Audience

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By Andrew Bolt ~

I’ve long warned the ABC misuses taxpayers’ money to help drive Fairfax out of business, giving news and views for free to the same Left-wing audience that Fairfax must sell to to survive.

Fairfax staff have not wanted to confront this, because they see the ABC as ideological allies rather than commercial rivals.

But finally Fairfax boss Greg Hywood says the obvious:

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Hywood did make a good point on the ABC. Testifying in Sydney, yesterday:

The ABC is creating additional pressure on local commercial media by aggressively competing with the same audience that commercial media rely on by providing online content for free …

He also criticised Aunty using taxpayer money to buy ads on Google and Facebook. The Australian’s report from Monday:

It means the ABC is forcing commercial news organisations to spend more money on marketing in a sector already under pressure.

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