Asian markets tank as Trump crisis threatens economic agenda — fear index soared 50 percent

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© AFP | Asian markets are tracking a sharp sell-off in New York on concerns the crisis engulfing Donald Trump could shatter any chances of implementing his economy-boosting agenda


Asian equities nosedived Thursday while the dollar suffered fresh selling on fears the intensifying crisis surrounding Donald Trump could lead to his impeachment and shatter any chances of his economy-boosting agenda being implemented.

Investors tracked the heaviest losses in New York since Trump was elected, following claims by recently fired FBI boss James Comey that the president pressed him to drop a probe into ex-national security advisor Michael Flynn’s links to Moscow.

That came a day after it was reported Trump had divulged classified information to Russia’s foreign minister, fanning further allegations about his own tied to the country’s leaders.

While the tycoon says he will be exonerated by a newly appointed special prosecutor who will look…

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