#AceNewsReport Joe Lieberman is “frontrunner” for FBI director, officials say https://t.co/oLkFaNID0o http://ift.tt/2qBQ7vr #AceDailyNews

Lieberman, is not a bad guy, but he is old. Selection may find us here in the immediate future should health, or life, give out.
FBI director position is very important. Rushing to fill the void of the ex-director could place the nation in a delicate position, and replacement, should have been made prior to, termination of the ex-director’s employment. If I were the president, I would have looked to pull from within the FBI. When we look at the acting director, McCabe, politically, he is not much different from the ex-director but, he does appear to be professional enough to leave his personal views at the curb, before he walks in, to start work every day. I am not very fond of political appointments when such a premier agency is concerned, and I do understand this, is not a perfect world, so my emphasis, would be at looking from within the FBI for a candidate for director from within the ranks, who is an actual FBI (GS-1811) criminal investigator. Taking non-law enforcement background of Lieberman, he is qualified as a state (Connecticut) prosecutor, but not as an investigator. He’s never worn out one single pair of shoes. He has never carried any law enforcement badge as a cop.

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