US Could Run Out of Money in October or November

Better question remains, have the money printing machines been slowed down or turned off, since January 20, 2017? That, remains, a root of evil, and, with all the US dollars exiting this nation, I would change the ink color from green to blue, and then have a six month period for exchange or the green note becomes void as legal tender, and the blue note, takes over.

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It is called the “X date,” which is the day the federal government runs so low on funds that the Treasury cannot pay all its bills. Over the past several years, squabbling in Congress has brought the government close to this point before.

According to a study published March 2 by a major think tank, the X date will occur sometime at the start of the fourth quarter:

The Bipartisan Policy Center today updated its debt limit projections, which now show that absent congressional action, the Treasury Department will no longer be able to pay all of its bills in full and on time at some point in October or November this year. This is the updated range for what BPC calls the debt limit “X Date.”

On March 16, the amount of the federal debt limit goes to $20 trillion, which is when the current suspension of the debt…

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