SEN. JAMES RISCH ON WHITE HOUSE LEAKS TO MEDIA: ‘There Is a Weasel’ Who Is ‘Guilty of Treason’ and that’s Felony!”


Senator Risch on Martha MacCallum ‘The Story’: ‘There Is a Weasel’ Who Is ‘Guilty of Treason’

Senator James Risch told Fox News’ Martha MacCallum that someone had committed a crime by leaking details of Trump’s exchange with the Russians to the media:

“Now, someone committed a crime here,” he said. “There is a weasel. And that person is the person who got a hold of the information that happened in that meeting between the President and the foreign minister of Russia. And that was classified information that this person got a hold of and they leaked it to the New York Times. That’s a felony. It is un-American. They endangered the lives of their families and other Americans. That person is guilty of treason and should be held to answer for it.”

Risch also downplayed Trump’s sharing of classified intelligence with the Russians during meeting, saying that he was within his legal right…

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