Civilians become collateral damage in US coalition anti-ISIS strikes


Hundreds of thousands of civilians in western Mosul are at risk of becoming casualties as the US-led coalition and Iraqi military wage their operation against Islamic State. Constantly at risk of being killed by US-led coalition airstrikes and the fighting between Iraqi troops and IS militants, the civilians of Mosul are facing a dire humanitarian crisis.

“This population is not only exposed to the immediate dangers of the conflict itself and being either targeted or hit as collateral damage, but is also facing the effects of just no longer really having much access to the basic essentials that they need to live,” Patrick Hamilton, Red Cross deputy director for the Middle East, said last week.

Hundreds of civilians died throughout the offensive to retake the city of 1.5 million from the terrorist group. In the deadliest single incident, up to 278 civilians, many of them children, were killed in a…

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