#AceNewsReport Paul Ryan backs Chaffetz’s push to get Comey memo: https://t.co/5BxQXnrAdj http://ift.tt/2reShDV #AceNewsDesk.@AceDailyNews

Not that it’s a bad thing. Everyone wants to get to the bottom of things. Special prosecutors, once brought in, can then start prosecutions against Hillary, Jarrett, Holder, Lynch, Obama, et ano. What is something to be cautious about, is that Paul Ryan, is a distrustful person. President Trump, himself, set up the conditions that now threaten his presidency. First things first, Trump, never helped Constitutional Carry, and only gave hot air to the Second Amendment. Trump got himself into some hot water, and now, he can get himself out of, the hot water by himself. No Constitutional Carry = DUMP TRUMP.
It’s his problem.

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