Dutch Documentary Part II: Blood on Trump and Kushner’s Hands from Deals with Africa War Zone Diamond Mines

I’ve heard about US/CIA involvement with African diamond mines since the early 1970s. Golden Triangle produced drugs and proceeds went into diamond mines. Nothing unusual. Other nations do the same.

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The Trump family’s business partners have blood on their hands owing to deals with notorious diamond brokers who operate mines in wartorn Africa and own high-end stores in New York, Moscow and Amsterdam.
That’s the premise in Part Two of a documentary series by the Dutch TV network Zembla, The Dubious Friends of Donald Trump: King of Diamonds. It shows how the U.S. president and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, have apparent partnerships with an Israeli billionaire who is tied to “trading in blood diamonds,” as the film’s description notes, and how this relationship overlaps with power circles in Russia reaching President Vladimir Putin and Russian oligarchs.


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