Swedish Government Administering Religious Test to Christian Asylum Seekers

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Pro-Islamist Sweden forcing Christian refugees to prove their faith

May 15, 2017

Sweden’s Migration Agency is in hot water for giving Bible knowledge quizzes to Christian asylum seekers, local media reports.

Some social media users are saying it is ‘absurd and ridiculous’ to require such tests in mostly secular Sweden.

A few questions on the quiz cited by Swedish SVT broadcaster included:

“How many parts are there in the New Testament?” “Can you tell us about the Trinity? “What is the difference between the Orthodox and the Protestant church?” “Can you tell us about the Letter to the Romans?” 

Some of the asylum seekers became Christians in their home country and fled because of persecution, while others just wanted to leave Islam, SVT reports. Religious persecution can be a reason for applying for asylum in Sweden.

One lawyer representing asylum seekers, Serpil Güngör, told the broadcaster…

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