Holder Furious, Sessions Is Fighting Crime – Border Patrol Seize Massive Amounts of Drugs After Migrant Crossings Drop

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Holder Furious That Sessions Is Fighting Crime

May 12, 2017 by Daniel Greenfield

Eric “Nation of Cowards” Holder was the worst Attorney General in American history and that’s saying something. And he’s mad as hell that AG Sessions is turning law enforcement back to fighting crime instead of freeing drug dealers and starting race riots.

Specifically, Holder is really mad because Sessions threw his “Go Easy on Drug Dealers” memo into the trash. Where it belongs. Along with the tattered shreds of Holder’s corrupted reputation.

“The policy announced today is not tough on crime. It is dumb on crime. It is an ideologically motivated, cookie-cutter approach that has only been proven to generate unfairly long sentences that are often applied indiscriminately and do little to achieve long-term public safety.”

As usual, take the opposite of what Holder says and treat it as fact.

Tough on crime is smart on crime…

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