EMSA overview of Marine Casualties and Incidents 2011-2015

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European Maritime safety Agency has issued their Overview of Marine Casualties and Incidents for the years 2011 – 2015.

The increase in numbers of casualties and incidents reported has become proportionally smaller each year, indicating that the system is approaching full implementation. Once that stage is reached, the true year on year trends will become more visible. Under-reporting relates mostly to the less serious casualties and incidents, while more serious casualties remained at levels similar to previous years.

Marine casualties are separated into two different categories: a “casualty with a ship”, where a ship, persons on board, equipment or cargo is affected by an accident, and an “occupational accident”, where the accident affects only persons. Of the 3296 accidents and incidents recorded in 2015, 2198 were casualties with ships, and the remainder were occupational accidents.

While the year-on-year increase reflects the progressive implementation of reporting of the less severe accidents and incidents, the relative distribution between the main ship types remains similar. Of particular note…

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