Dear Society Please Stop ‘Baby-Shaming’ Women Who Dont Want Kids

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The mood over is here fiery  and feminist, because let’s be honest women are always scrutinized in this society. As the title suggests, today we will discuss this disturbing trend of baby shaming childless women, something that I have observed almost everywhere.

The most fucked up thing that friends, family and people around you can do is shaming women who don’t want children. Because frankly speaking it is none of your business, if a couple or woman has chosen NOT to have a child. You might never see childless women giving shit and being hostile and insulting to women mothers, however societies in the west and east considers mothers like than saintly Madonnas.

Women mothers usually act like royal retards and pretend the world owes them all, so sorry to cut you out on your shit but bringing a child in this world doesn’t make you more valuable and woman…

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