Is Soros FUNDING Gina Miller? Remainer’s EU Group ‘Has Strong Links with Europhile Tycoon’


Is Soros FUNDING Gina Miller? Remainer’s EU group ‘has strong links with Europhile tycoon’

onMay 13, 2017

Yes he is!

FEARS have been raised that a foreign billionaire who crashed the pound in the 1990s and has been dubbed “a large bodied predator” is behind Gina Miller’s attempts to scupper Brexit.


Tory MEP: We have two years to negotiate complex issues like citizenship

Ms Miller – known as the “Chief Wrexiteer” –  last year caused outrage with her legal case which meant the historic referendum result had to be agreed by parliament which gave MPs and peers a chance to veto Brexit before Article 50 could be triggered.The 52-year-old former model has threatened more legal action to frustrate Brexit and is currently doling out £300,000 to Remoaner candidates in a bid to influence the election.

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