DHS data: Somalis slow to become naturalized citizens

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Before you see the information I found at the Dept. of Homeland Security website, don’t miss John Binder at Breitbart Texas about the new bunch of Somalis deported to their home country, here, this month, a story featured on Drudge last night.

5 Kenyans and 67 Somalis deported from the US landed in Kenya on Friday morning. http://www.mwakilishi.com/article/kenya-news/2017-05-12/kenyans-deported-from-usa-arrive-at-jkia/

I took a few minutes this morning to look at data and came across this databaseat the Dept. of Homeland Security that tells us how many immigrants (country of origin) who naturalized in the years 2013, 2014 and 2015.

730,259 from many more than 100 countries (I got tired of counting!) became US citizens in 2015.

But, considering the fact that we have admitted far in excess of 100,000 Somalis to the US going back decades, I was surprised at how relatively low their naturalization numbers are.  (CheckingWrapsnetI…

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