Australian Politics – “Pragmatic”. A New Word For A Prime Minister With No Convictions

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By Andrew Bolt ~

The media agrees. Malcolm Turnbull is being “pragmatic” with his Budget. That’s their kind of way of of saying he’s got no ideas and no fight and has given in to Labor.

Check the log list of journalists now hailing his defeat as “pragmatism”.

Paul Kelly:

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Turnbull has reinvented his government as a pragmatic, populist, public investment vehicle and Bill Shorten in reply has taken Labor even further to the populist, ideological left…

The story behind this week is that Labor and the progressives have won the battle of ideas and politics since the 2013 election… A far more pragmatic Turnbull now embraces the 2013 Gillard agenda…

Laurie Oakes:

Pragmatism [is] at the heart of the Budget.

Michelle Grattan:

(T)he real Malcolm … the centrist [sic] and pragmatic Malcolm.

The Age:

The Age has long urged Mr Turnbull to abandon Mr…

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