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A few people have asked why, I have been passing on the multitude of articles involving the ex-director of the FBI. I, am in Overload, because since the incident where the ex-director’s employment was terminated by the president, there has been no end to items that dance around the same thing, repeatedly. If I feel something needs to be notated, I will post, and re-post from other sources. A couple of things will be re-posted, where I believe a piece of information may be included in an otherwise mundane repetition.

I am now averaging between 2,900 and 3,000 emails of news items. A lot more is generated when considering the aggregate mess we find the world in. The one thing that I am expecting but will not hold my breath over, is whether the president will authorize Constitutional Carry. With the president’s big mouth and hot air, when he gave the address to the NRA convention, I see, that time is moving, the calendar pages turning, but absolutely nothing regarding the authorization for Constitutional Carry. That means, I am not going to be supporting, or ever voting again for Trump, unless he gets his ass in motion. I will re-post news items because he is, the president. But until Constitutional Carry is ever declared, I will not be stumping for the guy.

The replacement for the ex-director of the FBI, in my opinion, which does not declare policy or have any weight inside of the White House, is of one candidate hopeful, Sheriff David Clarke. The other candidate hopefuls are basically over-the-hill people of advancing old age. No inclusion of power trips or egos, the concern is if, the other people being interviewed for the job, will have stamina or enough life, to get the FBI squared away and keep investigations rolling along, or will America be at the same point somewhere in the near future if health or life, are with the geriatric selection aside from, Sheriff David Clarke. It’s a long term decision.

As I want to keep things moving forward, not that much involving the ex-director will be re-posted. In fact, the temper tantrums of the MSM and congressional professional whiners, I will try to avoid or re-post at minimum. The president wanted the job, now he has to deal with it. How the president deals with it, will be interesting.


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