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The email, private server use of Hillary Clinton… further description or details needed, we’ve all heard about it, time after time for a long time.   The no indictment decision of James Comey, because no prosecutor would pursue it, is nothing but an in your face cover-up.

No recommendation was given to then AG Lynch.   Did Comey act alone in this debacle?   Possibly, possibly not.  Comey may have known Lynch would drop it, one way or another. He may have been pre-advised.  Comey could have placed it in the lap of Lynch, but he didn’t. Does anyone really believe a corrupt, lying Lynch would prosecute a corrupt, lying Hillary.  NO!  They’re teammates, they can always use one another.  Comey was a team player, took care of a dirty DOJ, and filthy former Secretary of State.   That’s how the elite Establishment in D.C. survives, how they…

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