The Parasites of Western Economy, Part 2: Shifty Lenders.

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The Parasites of Western Economy, Part 2: ShiftyLenders

1.The shark lenders in car finance preying on new borrowers.

2.The manipulators of captive borrowers on long term loans.

3.The lenderswho discloses only the advantages but not the disavantages of the loans.

4.The lenderswho want exclusiverights to all banking of the borrowers.

The lenders are usually owned by some private equities. Any suchlender actually wants to take over some target company without paying the price of a normal take over! Such a lender will do it by causing financial distress in a target company and to trigger its default.

to new buyersat huge profitas a healthy restructured company (see [9,10]).

The shifty lender provides all finance and banking services at very low costs to the“healthy restructured”

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