Troublesome paper certificates and why the maritime industry must embrace e-Certificates

Maritime Cyprus

As a result of ongoing commercial challenges and regulatory changes in the maritime industry, maritime organisations are undergoing many radical strategic and business model changes, including the drive to modernise outdated business processes. One of the prominent approaches for driving efficiencies, reducing costs and gaining competitive advantages has been through technological innovation. An existing example is the adoption of Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS), whilst the industry is also on the brink of numerous other developments, ranging from the paperless ship, to 24/7 ship internet connectivity and possibly even the contentious ‘driverless ship’.

As a software development company engaged in the maritime industry, some of the more intriguing aspects of the maritime technology landscape are the interlinked possibilities around electronic certification, online verification and the facilitation of the ‘paperless ship’.

Electronic certification and online verification of certificates increasingly is a topic of conversation with our contacts and clients…

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