Bill Maher claims we are gassing Syria with CO2

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  Bill Maher, who claims to be an atheist but worships at the alter of global warming, made the claim on his show, Real Time, that global warming was responsible for the civil war in Syria. But he did not stop there as he also claimed the United States is guilty of gassing Syria…with CO2. Here is what he said:

“[T]he Syrian problem started with climate change. It did. 75% of Syrian farms failed. A million and a half people migrated to the cities. That’s where it began. And by the way, these people who are starving, which is — whether you’re bombed or you’re sarin gassed, or you’re starving, death is death. But — I mean, we talk about Assad gassing people, we’re gassing them too. We’re just doing it slower with CO2.”

  So I suppose this would mean the United States is worse than Assad (or whoever…

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