What Kind Of Idiots Vote For These Traitors?


Obviously their oath of office means nothing to this ‘senator.’  I despise traitors.  I also despise idiots.



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  1. ahuelon says:

    One thing I have learned living on the west coast in WA and listening to people in OR and CA many of us are held hostage by densely populated areas like Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles where non of them have a clue when it comes to reality. The sane people in these states just grin and bear it. The nut cases have no concept of or knowledge about history, the constitution, ecomomics, boundries or the concept of responsibility. There is a candidate for mayor who wants to abolish police in Seattle. I almost wish she would win. Then they could just kill each other off, then no one would be left to pay taxes and the city could go bankrupt. Recently a bunch were protesting on a busy highway during a high vol. of traffic. They went out and stopped traffic for a while. Then they vacated the street. Not realizing cars can’t stop on a dime a bunch ran out into the road way and a truck driver who did’t see them in time to stop hit and killed 7. That is an example of the idiots voting older idiots into office. The two senators from WA are worthless. Grrrrrrr.

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