Trump Must Stop Allowing Obama Holdovers to Set His Iran – and Other – Policies

Better question is, why, are there any holdovers from the BHO administration?
It’s like pointing a loaded gun at your foot and wondering what would happen if you pulled the trigger.

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President Trump was reportedly furious when he learned that the State Department had issued a statement on Tuesday declaring Iran in compliance with the so-called nuclear “deal.” Mr. Trump has repeatedly reviled that accord as the worst ever negotiated because Iran can comply with it and still get the Bomb.

Consequently, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was directed to hold a press conference yesterday describing the many ways in which the threat posed by Iran – non-nuclear and nuclear – continues to intensify. He stressed that all aspects of U.S. policy, including the future of the deal, are under review.

If that review is influenced by the same Obama administration holdovers who claim Iran is complying with its obligations, however, it will be no more accurate, objective or acceptable than the misleading statement the State Department issued on Tuesday.

Clean house, Mr. President.

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