Soros Accused Of Racketeering, Extortion, Fraud, International Manipulation In New Lawsuit

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By Rick Wells

Many American patriots have wondered why George Soros is allowed by those in power in our country, the ones who we want to believe he still doesn’t control, to engage in blatant social destruction and subversion against our nation without suffering any consequences.

It’s been particularly obvious since Donald Trump came on the scene, that Soros and his lackey Obama are pursuing their anti-America plot for world domination at the expense of the United States and all nations of the world. President Trump would seem to be the major benefactor of a crackdown on the global puppet master and racketeer, yet nothing happens. He just continues to manipulate our political, judicial and economic systems and those of virtually every nation in the world with impunity.

Soros has made plenty of enemies around the globe and one of them has decided to take action. It’s an Israeli company that…

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