Snopes | News: Conspiracy Theories: What is Operation Gotham Shield?

Love them or not, Logic and Reason, are presented. Planned and scheduled training, occurs, on an ongoing basis, in large cities. Coincidence, might have other newsworthy events taking place simultaneously and parallel to, planned training events. At times, training can be hasty, if, something not anticipated pops up, and that, has happened, and is an indication that brains are functioning at some (?) level of governmental administration. Operation Gotham Shield, is a name that I do not care for, but remember, administrators lead a life where oatmeal is exciting. With the situation of North Korea going into hyperventilation mode, training here in the US, is a very good thing, and makes complete sense.

My thanks to Snopes, for level headed reporting.

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  1. ahuelon says:

    Snopes has had a sketchy record. Nice to know they got it right.

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    • Brittius says:

      A few years ago, a blog had an article about a training session in NYC that I was in. If you hear the way it was presented, people were going into panic mode reading the article. I placed a comment, and told people exactly what was going on and why. Then I added things that only people there at the training would know, stuff like cops do and get a laugh from other cops. Some people were ready to jump off rooftops by the way they replied to my comment but, there was no boogie man. Training, is continual and ongoing. It’s normal. It is something that taxpayers should nod in approval of. God forbid an actual emergency arises, people, namely first responders, or in some cases, second, third, or forth responders, depending on the situation, are trained and not groping in the dark. It gives any group of people being trained, professionalism.

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