Rush Limbaugh: O’Reilly Departure Was Not ‘Natural’ — It was a ‘Campaign’

The wife of James Murdoch, is reportedly a leftist. It could be where the pressure on Fox, originated.

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There is no doubt this smear campaign has been going on for years now Bill O’Reilly has been ousted.

Who will they try to screw over next?

Thursday on his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh called Bill O’Reilly’s departure from the Fox News Channel a “campaign,” and not a “natural” event.

Limbaugh pointed to the origin of the story, which was first published in The New York Times and how it may have something to do with an internal struggle of “corporate intrigue” within Fox News.

Partial transcript as follows:

Why do The New York Times break the story? Out of the blue, they want to do a story on O’Reilly and Fox with whatever number of payouts to women. Where’d this come from? Nothing just comes out of the ether folks. They are not sitting there over at the New York Times waiting for ideas…

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