Obama’s World Is Starting To Crumble: Obama Is Being Sued

John A Pappas

Its all catching up to Marxist Obama, if you recall just last week I wrote about the fact that Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch and founder of Judicial Watch is wanting to serve papers to Obama when he sets foot on American soil. Well it doesn’t end there and it looks to me that this is just the beginning of Obama having to answer for all these surveillance’s he had allowed to take place on various campaign workers for then candidate Trump. My patriots, this is getting pretty deep, it is very serious. Through all this We The People are going to find out how corrupt and pathetic Obama is as though you and me are not aware of it. What the hell we have been warning the American people about this Marxist now for years. When I am harping in so forcibly on a person believe me there is…

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  1. ahuelon says:

    I love Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch. Justice is slow but it happens. It took 2 years to get Nixon out. He must be rolling over in his grave comparing 18 minutes of tapes to Hillarys emails and all of the rest.

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