How to homeschool when it seems impossible – Homeschooled Children Snatched By Govt Being Returned To Mother

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Following last week’s column on the success of homeschooling our (now graduated) daughters, I received many comments about why some people can’t homeschool, either because both parents work, or because the parent is single (divorced, widowed, never married). Under these conditions, is homeschooling impossible?

Dr. James Dobson is once again urging Christian parents to withdraw their children from public schools lest we lose the next generation. But financial or parental difficulties still exist for many people. Are these factors insurmountable?

I decided to seek the advice of two outside sources far more knowledgeable about these issues than I am: Dr. Brian Ray with the National Home Education Research Institute, and staff attorney Darren A. Jones with the Homeschool Legal Defense Association.

Dr. Ray offered a…

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