Germany: AfD and Frauke Petry

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Frauke Petry, chairwoman of Germany’s right-wing populists, is a savvy politician. She demonstrated her cunning once again ahead of the AfD’s conference in Cologne this weekend, confronting the party with a crucial test.

Deutschland Pressekonferenz der AfD zu Medienordnung (picture-alliance/dpa/B. von Jutrczenka)

Politics is a game of chess. That much we know from the popular US version of the TV series “House of Cards.” When it comes to the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, life often mimics art. Germany’s right-wing populists have more than once since the party’s founding in 2013 ripped back the curtain to shed public light on many of their internal feuds. More political drama has come to the fore immediately ahead of this weekend’s party conference in Cologne.

There was internal speculation that Frauke Petry, one of AfD’s two national leaders, wanted to be alone at the top of the party’s ticket for Germany’s national elections in September. This was despite an internal survey showing…

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