Don’t get caught with your pants down

Let’s not forget the most important Right, as stated in the Second Amendment, that the traitors in congress wilfully ignore and impede.
It’s only a matter of time until things happen in America, then Constitutional carry, will be needed. But the president doesn’t care.
I believe the leftists are going to hook up with North Korea’s efforts and other terrorists, only because, it’s un-American. Things are only getting warmed up, so far.

The Goomba Gazette

Eye Opener: ISIS claims responsibility for deadly Paris shooting:

We all know that the French are peace-loving people who have a very low boiling point, BUT, always the BIG BUT; a temperament like that can be prove to be deadly.  Like all the other civilized countries, they have to become more proactive.

It seems that all of the humane oriented countries are worried more about the rights of the criminals/terrorists than they are about the safety of their people. They sit on their hands until an incident happens and then it is too late.

Conspiring against any government is considered breaking the law. The authorities know who these people are and what rock they are hiding under but are reluctant to arrest or kill them if necessary before they pull off another deadly attack.

Forget about their right; they have none. The second the criminals/terrorists begin formulating their plans of…

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