CBS NewYork | Nassau Lawmaker Calls For More Police Patrols At Religious Institutions

“A Nassau County legislator wants increased police patrols at religious institutions after recent threats and attacks.”

Source: Nassau Lawmaker Calls For More Police Patrols At Religious Institutions

A much better idea would be to have houses of worship decide if security, armed or unarmed, is appropriate, and then let them go hire, what they need. I have had priests make complaints against me for being armed and in uniform in their church. Many churches are known cop haters. Back in 1978, house of worship cars became used by the NYPD when an outcry of people did not feel safe due to a murder in the Borough Park section of Brooklyn. Patrol cars were assigned to Jewish temples, and extra cops assigned to areas where need was determined. It led to other areas and churches complaining why a selective coverage on a steady basis. I believe the house of worship cars are used in the 77 precinct, today, on Eastern Parkway.

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