VIDEO Badass VP Pence Faces Down North Korea – Warns North Korea and Reassures Japan

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“North Korea would do well not to test President Trump’s resolve or the strength of the armed forces of the United States in this region.”

In South Korea Monday morning, Vice President Mike Pence broke from his schedule to take an unannounced trip to the Korean Demilitarized Zone.

The Daily Caller reports that, unlike other top-ranking U.S. officials who have visited the DMZ in the past, Pence actually ventured outside to stare down North Korean troops with a look that was anything but neighborly.

CNN’s Dana Bash was on hand to rather breathlessly describe, in the video above, the VP’s bold, unorthodox move.

In addition to his visit to the DMZ, Pence sent North Korea a warning statement Monday morning in which he announced that “the era of strategic patience is over” with Kim Jong-Un’s totalitarian regime:

“Just in the past two weeks, the world witnessed the strength…

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