Top Vietnam Government Leaders Whisper About Dissolving Vietnam To Become a Chinese Province

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Vietnam Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc

A few eyebrows have been raised recently among Westerners in Hanoi who have heard talk about a plan for Vietnam to become a province of China. Vietnamese Communist Party leaders see great emotional and financial gain ahead if the bickering between the two Communist trading partners comes to an end once and for all…

“We should end the fight over the South China Sea and so many other things and cash in on China’s growing economic and military power. Xi is making China great again and we want to be in the inside getting rich,” one Vietnamese told us…..

Vietnam has reached out to the U.S. several times in the past but fear of China and a seemingly dense U.S. leadership team have frustrated the Vietnamese.

“We have a big reception for President Obama but he would’s even eat dinner with us,” one Vietnamese…

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