Robert De Niro and Autism – a Tragic Drama of Intimidation 

Under certain circumstances it will be a judgement call.
At the moment, there is a measles outbreak in Minnesota, a Somali community, because Muslims do not vaccinate, claiming religious principle. What if your kids are in the same school or same classroom?
A lot to be said. The last flu shot I got in 2014 in October and I came down with the flu on Christmas Eve, the inoculation was worthless.
This autumn, I might opt for pneumonia and flu inoculations. In fact, I might look into a complete Overseas Battery of inoculations, but there are no qualified immunologists here. About twenty-five years ago, as first responder, I was up to date with shots except the hepatitis, because they were using live strains in a base that I am known to be allergic to. Maybe now, things have improved. All the childhood diseases that were eradicated in America, have returned with the influx of unexamined refugee populations and foreign cultures.
We all, roll the dice. On this account, De Niro in my opinion, is correct and tried to help. Yeah, I know.., I will go to the barroom to shoot some pool later, and the bartender will remind me of a woman who was inoculated against pneumonia, and has not walked without a walker since September of 2016. Was there something wrong with the shot, or was there something brewing in the woman’s system before the shot? We don’t know. I’ve heard all the conspiracy theories involved and still believe in inoculations. A little boo-boo pain (if any) now, and a lot of protection, later. If there are no inoculations, then the person must avoid other people like the plague (literally), and that is how primitive cultures were killed off. By foreign explorers bringing in all manner of germs that the primitive people could not fend off and had no resistance to. That’s my two cents.

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