VIDEO Trump Will NOT Roll Over For Google, Google pulled MB Obama’s strings

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Savage: Trump Won't Roll Over For Google, Unlike Obama

April 18, 2017 by Jerome Corsi

WASHINGTON, D.C. – “Under Obama, Google was untouchable,” Michael Savage told, answering the question whether he thought it was possible President Trump might appoint a head to the Federal Trade Commission willing to bring anti-trust action against Google for censoring conservatives on the Internet.

“Obama rolled over, doing for Google whatever Google wanted done,” Savage added, noting that President Trump had just tweeted the “Fake Media (not Real Media) has gotten even worse since the election.”

In the email exchange, Savage referenced one of the key themes in his new best-selling book Trump’s War in Chapter Ten, “Trump’s War for the First Amendment.”

Savage echoed a key theme of his book that the First Amendment was under attack with George Soros spending billions to suppress free speech by funding violent groups like Black Lives Matter who sanction violence to promote their message…

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