Video: Paul Joseph Watson Debunks Buzzfeed Fake News

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Published on Apr 19, 2017

The latest attack on Trump? That he didn’t give a hat back to a teen who gave it to him to sign. The only problem is there’s video proof that Trump threw the hat back to him and we’re sure he’s now proudly wearing it.


I’m so SICK of STUPID Liberals, it’s a disease that is spreading across the world!!!!!
The Fat man
Trump signed a kid hat! Omfg literally hitler!!
Friendly Faucet
no swire the liberals love it when you throw people out of buildings! they love islam so much
Dante B
Buzzfeed made a fake news article claiming that Trump was pissed on by Russian hookers at Trump Tower, even got a lawsuit over it, and people are still taking them seriously?
Thomas Pozsonyi
These idiots are…

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