President Trump Signs Veteran’s Choice in Healthcare Act into Law…

Trigger Reset

Good start, but we still need to CLEAN HOUSE at the V.A….they should be among the BEST, not the worst.

Earlier today President Trump delivered on a reform promise to Veterans who are regionally impacted by poor healthcare options/providers within the VA system.  This is a really big deal.

THE PRESIDENT:  Good morning.  We’re honored to join and be joined today by some absolutely tremendous people and great veterans.  Thanks, as well — and I have to thank them dearly — but as well to Representative Phil Roe.  Where is he?  What a job you’ve done.  And all the members of Congress who worked on the bill that we’re about to sign.  Such an important bill.

I especially want to thank Senator John McCain and Senator Johnny Isaacson.  They have been incredible in working with us.  Let me also welcome my good friend, Florida Governor Rick Scott, a Navy veteran…

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