LIBERAL HOAX: Trump Supporting KKK “Member” Who Made Racist Threats Just Got Exposed And He’s…. Black

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H/T US Hearld. 

A lie can travel halfway the world while the truth is putting its shoes on. Mark Twain.

As one comment on the news site read, The demand for Nazis is high, the supply is low. When that is the case, you need to get manufacturing.”

Whoever posted those wise words on the Daily Mail site is wiser than he or she knows.

The comment came following an article about yet another hate crime hoax perpetrated by the supposed victim to cast Trump supporters as evil, racist, sexist, Islamaphobic arsonists who have been enabled by the election of the political outsider who stunned veteran Hillary Clinton by running on a message of making America “Great Again.”

Based on a cursory scan of news sites in the months since Trump won the White House, the need for bad guys – and the “badder” the better – to…

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