Obama Mixing With Entertainment Fat Cats From Tropical Extradition Safe Haven

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By Rick Wells

As the Obama criminals continue to thumb their noses at the American people from the safe and non-extraditable nation of French Polynesia, they naturally took advantage of a chance to mix it up with other leftist “royalty” aboard the $300 million yacht of music industry fat cat David Geffen.

Also on board were Tom Hanks and Bruce Springsteen, neither of whom will ever again contact and thereby dishonor the video or sound equipment of most self-respecting patriots, and their wives. It was also rumored that Oprah Winfrey was on board, but she never breached so no photos were available. Orca sightings are not uncommon so it could have been a simple case of mistaken identity.

Photos of the time the speed boat that was used to transport the former first parasites to their little celebrity get-together reveal there are at least seven of what appear to…

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