NBC “Sportswriter” Offended by our Flag…

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During opening day ceremonies, the Atlanta Braves offered baseball fans the lovely and unifying sight of an American flag stretched across much of the outfield, along with digital images of the stars and stripes on the team’s huge video scoreboards. Craig Calcaterra, a sportswriter for NBC, was appalled: “Will you keep politics out of sports, please. We like sports to be politics-free,” he sarcastically tweeted with an accompanying photo of the offending spectacle.

(First, who is “we”…and second, that’s rich considering ESPN’s full idiot-left tilt…Frank)

When asked “how is the flag political,” Calcaterra helpfully explained, “Maybe a flag, in and of itself isn’t always political.”

Well, how nice of him to concede that MAYBE the symbol of our country can sometimes-perhaps meet with his stringent “apolitical” standards.

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