Face to face – the best means of communication

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U.S.: China sends ‘positive signals’ it will help defuse North Korea crisis

What does a good salesman do when he want to get a point across or impress a client. He gets on a plane, makes a visit and does a face to face.

This is exactly what VP Pence did. He got on a plane, went to South Korea and made an up close and personal visit.


After the meeting China sent the Trump administration “positive signals”  that it will increase economic sanctions to pressure ally North Korea to abandon its development of nuclear weapons and missiles, a threat that has raised the prospect of a military confrontation with the United States, the State Department revealed Monday.

In kind, PDT had a sit down with China’s main-man Xi Jinping. In both situations, they seemed to have a positive effect on what China is willing to do to assist the USA in taking…

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