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Continuing my work on the gun training industry, I of course have to say a brief something about Gunsite Academy.

I am looking forward to visiting Gunsite this June to observe their famous Gunsite 250 Pistol Class, a.k.a., “The Gunsite Experience.” Between now and then, I am trying to do as much background work as I can.

Items purchased from the Gunsite Academy online store. Photo Credit: Sandra Stroud Yamane

I am sure the PRE-history goes back much further – and if you know this pre-history, please educate me! – but by all accounts the history of the private citizen gun training industry begins with Col. Jeff Cooper and the American Pistol Institute (est. 1976 in Paulden, Arizona).

I spent part of the weekend watching the Panteao Productions video history of Gunsite, produced on the occasion of Gunsite’s 40th anniversary in 2016. In the video…

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