10 Insane Nuclear Versions Of Normal Things

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After seeing this list all I can say is wow. 

Nuclear power has revolutionized the world. Some engineers and scientists aren’t content with only using nuclear energy for general power grids; they want nuclear power everywhere. The items in this list are examples of engineers taking normal, everyday things and fitting them with nuclear reactors, just to see if they will work.

10 Convair NB-36 Nuclear Airplane

Immediately after World War II, the world’s superpowers invested in huge bombers to deliver nuclear payloads. Since nuclear missiles were still in their infancy, long-range bombers were the best way to bomb enemy targets. Although impressive in their own right, bombers have limitations. Even long-range bombers have a finite range. For the range problem, the United States turned to an exotic solution. US Army Air Force commanders invested in tests to place a nuclear reactor inside a bomber.

At the time…

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