Russia Brings Aid to Over 3,300 Syrians in Three Provinces in 24 Hours


Russian servicemen have carried out several humanitarian operations in three Syrian provinces in the past 24 hours, delivering aid to over 3,300 civilians, the Russian center for Syrian reconciliation informs in its daily bulletin.

A total of 8 humanitarian events were held in three Syrian provinces over 24 hours.

“Within [the] last 24 hours, the Russian Centre for reconciliation of opposing sides has held 8 humanitarian events in the Aleppo (6), Damascus (1), and Latakia (1) provinces,” the bulletin, posted by the Russian Defense Ministry on Saturday, says.

According to the statement, Aleppo residents have received 2,500 hot meal portions and 150 food sets, while Damascus and Latakia province residents received 700 food sets, as well as office supplies and medical equipment.

“Within [the] last 24 hours, 3,350 civilians have received humanitarian aid. Total weight of humanitarian aid has reached 4.5 [metric] tons,” the Russian reconciliation center said.

Russian aircraft…

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