Illegal Immigration Crises Around the World!

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Where exactly illegal immigration happening all over the world?! Find out in this video to learn all about illegal immigration crises around the world!

Cullen Moseley

Islam is a plague. Their “prophet” was a murderer, sexist, pedophile. The religion supports the murder and rape of women as well.
The Sunshine
I hate Muslim Immigration. I am from Sweden. Ban Islam.
The illegals are losers and economic freeloaders, why are lot of Syrian refugees black and strong young cowardly men? Africans are not from Syria??
Jovita Villalpando
🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷USA LURES THEM IN with “daca” food stamps free healthcare for everyone educating their ilegal children free school lunches for ilegal children section 8 WIC free automatic citizenship this is what really lures them in etc etc etc
daniel koen
Why can’t the people from countries with controllable populations pool their military resources to sent their troops to those countries from whence…

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  1. Muslims prophet is not a prophet. He was possessed by the fear giving fallen angel Lucifer who is Satan. A person like that cannot be a prophet by any stretch of the imagination.

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