The CIA’s Hacking Ability Unmasked – Massive Increase in 2016 Obama Era FISA Orders…

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The CIA’s Hacking Ability Unmasked


April 14, 2017 by  C. Mitchell Shaw

WikiLeaks released thousands of pages of information provided by an informant, showing that the CIA not only developed tools to hack every major electronic device, but lost them.

In the ongoing war on encryption — which is part of a larger war on privacy — waged by the surveillance hawks in government, the stakes have never been higher than now. As the three-letter-agencies and others that work to maintain the surveillance state have run into a blind wall of encryption, they have sought new ways to violate the privacy of the targets of their surveillance.

In the almost four years since Edward Snowden revealed the depth and breadth of the mass surveillance being conducted on American citizens and others by the NSA and other three-letter-agencies, an active battle has been waged between those who would protect privacy…

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