India army’s use of Kashmir protester as ‘human shield’ sparks outrage online


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Video footage of a Kashmiri protester tied to an Indian army jeep – apparently as a human shield – has generated outrage on social media. India-administered Kashmir has been in the grip of violence for months.

Indien Srinagar Unruhen Sicherheitskräfte (Reuters/C. McNaughton)

The 11-second clip, which has gone viral on social media, showed an unidentified man tied to the front of an army vehicle as it passed through a street in the Budgam district. The area was the scene of violent demonstrations last weekend as Indian police and paramilitary forces clashed with protesters during a by-election.

A voice speaking in Hindi in the background of the video can be heard saying: “Stone throwers will meet a similar fate.”

#Kashmir – Muslim youth tied in front of an army jeep and used as a human shield in Central Kashmir’s #Budgam district. #StandWithKashmir

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